Ace Xpress Shuttle

NOW HIRING Airport Shuttle Drivers!!

CDL Not required (but a good driving record is :-)

Since 1996, Ace Xpress has been serving Arizona’s Sedona- Cottonwood- Verde Valley region’s Phoenix door-to-door airport shuttle service needs with a dogmatic focus on customer service. Are you the kind of person that would thrive in a highly flexible work environment? Do you have a commitment to do what it takes to transport our travelers SAFELY to and from Phoenix Sky Harbor, International Airport? Are you interested in driving to and from Phoenix at least 2 times a week (more if you want them)? Can you pass a drug test? Then we are interested in meeting you. 

While we are excited to have anybody apply, we are especially excited to include retirees and those veterans and emergency responders who have been willing to risk their lives to protect ours.

What are you going to do??

  • Arrive early enough to ensure that you can perform your required pre-trip inspection.

  • Ensure that customers needs are met and feel valued 

  • Dress clean and professionally

  • Adhere to safe driving practices obeying all traffic laws and company policies (vehicle speed and style are tracked and monitored, so we will know ;-)

  • Safely get travelers, luggage, and other items in and out of the vehicle. This will include helping passengers safely in and out of the vehicle (pro tip: not only does the insurance company require it, it helps set the stage for some great tips :-)

  • Be ready for 5-10 hour shifts with unpredictable break periods that include LOTS of sitting

  • Support flexible scheduling needs

  • Fuel your vehicle as needed

  • Clean up after yourself and your travelers, including vacuuming and taking the van to the car wash.

  • Be a team player and problem solver who pitches in to help the team as needed

  • Not be a jerk!!! (you can review our “Don’t be a jerk policy!!” for travelers at, but it will definitely apply to you as well)

How can you do it?

  • Hold a current driver's license 

  • Be at least 25 years of age

  • Have current Motor Vehicle Report

  • Pass a DOT physical

  • Pass pre-employment drug test

  • Communicate in English clearly (any additional languages would be AWESOME!!)

What additional things would you do to be the candidate of our dreams? 

  • If you can do the items above at a high level, then you are already the candidate of our dreams, but we might give up chocolate if you have strong computer skills, exceptional route planning skills, and background in airport shuttle service logistics and operations.