The Verde Valley has a healing power all it's own. Whether you come for the mystical powers ascribed to the healing vortexes or are looking for a location to break way from the grind of daily life and realign your horizons, this area has it. With the awe inspiring views of the red rock formation and the beautiful landscapes, your time here will be a chance to reflect on where you are at and where you want to go next. If you are thinking that you are coming to a desert, think again. You will find the Verde Valley is far from desert, but you will find it close to your soul.
For those seeking this type of respite, while we gladly service the area hotels and easy access retreats, we are also happy to support the following retreat locations that are off the beaten path for an additional $10 for the trip. 

Part of the allure of these locations are their remote locations that allow you to relax and reflect, but it also requires us to add an additional fee ($10 per trip) to these reservations. That said, the experience these locations provide will more than make up for the additional fee.